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Positive Media Marketing is a transparent Marketing company with the desire and end goal to see your business succeed. We use technology and modern Search Engine Optimization techniques as well as Social Media to get you the  optimal results you'd like to see for your company.

Video for Business





Positive Media Marketing can provide your business with cutting edge video production and content creation. Our directors and videographers  have been integrated in the cinema industry for years and they have the knowledge to produce your story with the right appeal.

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Photography for Business



Positive Media Marketing brings a uniques style to what has been long a standard in boring business photography. From corporate head shots to product photography our professional industry certified photographers will make you and your business look the best it can!

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why choose Positive Media Marketing


All of our employees have years of experience in Video production, Photography, Search Engine Optimization, and UI - UX design. We hire only talented professionals with a goal to succeed.


With frequent communication, your personal project manager will eat, sleep and breath your project.


Transparent pricing is our number one concern. We offer excellent services at the most reasonable prices. No hidden charges.

Search Engine optimization




Positive Media Marketing Search Engine Optimization plans are some of the most advanced marketing campaigns in the industry today. With Google Ad-Words Partnership we can maximize your exposure through the existing web-space you currently own or take it to the next level with a custom Web design that's unique to your business.

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What is marketing?


In its basic form, it's putting your name or products in front of a potential customer. Seems simple right? Before you answer that question hold on tight... It is said that a typical individual is bombarded with over 100,000  targeted ads on a dally base, YES DAILY.


We awake to a screaming alarm clock shouting at us, telling us that for the next three days there's a 50% off sale at our favorite apparel shop. We cut on the coffee pot and over the kids yelling, and dogs barking you hear that your preferred motor vehicle has a no money down lease sale this weekend only. We walk out of the door and  immediately confronted with vehicle wraps, poster boards, billboards, decals, flashing signs, party flyer's stuck to our car windshields, and yes that song that you will have in your head all day that is an advertisement for  your local car title loan business is playing on the radio.  We simply can't escape it.




How do I compete?


Now, thats the Million Dollar Question! Oops, we meant Billion, yes with a B! Last year just in the USA  alone. Digital Marketing was a 660 billion dollar industry and whether you like it or not those companies that are spending that kind of money are your competition. Now before you pack up shop and figure you, cant compete with that let me rest your mind. The average small business owner will spend upwards of 50k in marketing charges that to be quite honest with you, should stay in their pocket. That's where we come into play. At Positive Media Marketing we offer a full line of premium media services to our customers, but the most important service we provide is knowledge. We teach our clients the basics of Keyword Structures, New SEO practices, targeting Ads on Social Media just to name a few. We believe in the old parable: Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. Ill leave you with this thought, why should you as a business owner take capital out of your business and fund a 660 billion dollar industry?

How it works


Share some information about your Business.


This is where the magic happens. Sit back and relax. We've got it covered.


We'll call you at your convenience for further discussion.


We'll put together a Marketing Media Plan that will attract the customers they you want.

We establish credibility

Whether you are an entry level business trying to make a mark locally or your a national brand thats trying to extend your reach globally
Positive Media Marketing has got your back.

If your reading this then we've done our job. The key goals of Search Engine Optimization is getting customers to you. With the help of Positive Media Marketing we will not only help extend your reach but we will also attract the attention of your clients so you can effective and efficiently produce the goals your aiming for.

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