How Much Does A Website Cost In 2020

Grow Your Business Faster With Positive Media Marketing.

Grow Your Business Faster With Positive Media Marketing.

Ok, so it’s GO time! 

Is this your time to revamp your website? Or, maybe this is your first site. Creating website design in rock hill sc, is what we do. Positive Media Marketing is excited to serve all of your web design needs with professionalism, excellent customer service, and the know-how to create the perfect site for your business. 

Along with all of the other questions you have, we know that one of the most important is “HOW MUCH WILL IT COST ME”? Right? To that point, I’d charge you to begin to think differently. A website that is professionally built will never cost you. You should always expect to experience financial gain from your website. In this article, we will walk through various price points and breakdown what you should anticipate investing when building a new website. More importantly, we are also going to talk about the expected outcomes that you should experience from your financial investment. 


Here we are at what I would consider the first rung on the ladder of DIY web design. I don’t know if I would even call it web design, it’s more like website duplication. At this level, all sites are pretty much identical and lack any real branding or functionality that will set you apart from the crowd. (The internet is a very crowded place.) With the DIY approach, you can be a “web designer” if you have an internet connection. (We wrote an article about this as well. Look out for these professional DIYers).


The truth of the matter is in 2020, you have got to be online. Having an online presence is comparable with having lights in your place of business. If the DIY approach is what’s in the budget, then we’d say go for it. But, keeping your expectations in alignment with what you’re spending is very important.


In this segment, I put my feelings online, and hopefully, you know just how I feel about the DIY approach.  Nevertheless, I would be a little remiss if I did not agree that for some business owners, it is the right move.


5 to 10 Pages $200



This level is what we consider as Level 1 when contemplating a professionally built website. While the investment is higher than the DIY approach, the benefits of using your local design agency should net you a greater financial return on your investment. In building this article and researching the data, we’ve found that this level would accommodate about 90% of the local businesses in Rock Hill SC. A Local Design Agency is often staffed with local inhouse designers and developers and are apart of your community. (This is why we love what we do!) As a member of the community and a Local Design Agency, (I’m going to call it LDA from now on:) We are probably a local customer of yours as well as you of theirs.

The LDA often works with fewer clients, and therefore, their attention is more directly focused on your projects. The LDA is capable of producing very brand-centric website designs that are custom fit to your business needs and goals.


5 to 10 Pages $2000.00



Traditional Design Agencies are where the big boys play. Online brands that require full teams to manage and handle every aspect of their public relations are often requiring these larger agencies. Although it may seem that this model is right for you, there are a few downsides to the glam that comes with this level.

  1. Your 5-page low scale project website may not be important to them.
  2. Your business relationship will be with a sales rep and not the actual design team. We feel that this is a horrible way to do business.
  3. Rates are not suitable for a small business with under 3 million net a year.


5 to 10-page website: $12,000



When you start looking at website options, there’s one thing that holds true. You get what you pay for! If you want to save yourself some trouble do not go into a DIY project looking for a local design agency-level website. In the same aspect, don’t go into a design agency-level project and accept DIY quality.

If you’d like to discuss your upcoming website design goals and needs or just would like to bounce some ideas off of us, give us a call at 803-412-5490.