How to Hire a Website Desinger in 2020.

Grow Your Business Faster With Positive Media Marketing.


Grow Your Business Faster With Positive Media Marketing.

Wow, is all that we can say. In 2019, there was an explosive rise in the “build it yourself” web design platform business. When it comes to website design in Rock Hill SC, it has been heavily dominated by Wix, Squarespace and all in between. However, at the end of 2019, we have noticed a turn of the tide from those types of platforms back to the independent web designer. 


We knew it was coming! We’ve waited, and we are prepared. We believe a custom website is like a custom fit suit or dress; it fits you perfectly in all the right places. But hold on a minute there cowboy, before turning in your Wix account there are a few things you should know and look for in a web designer and a few best practices to keep in mind. Below are a few noteworthy practices that will help you navigate through the web design process.


We can’t stress this enough. The number of times a consumer is approached by a local business owner who is looking to take advantage or experience a not so ethical website designer is mind-blowing. A reputable website designer should be able to show you at least five websites that were built in the last year with satisfactory reports from actual customers.




One of the best ways to see if a company is reputable is to check out their online reviews. (Sidenote – You want to find great or at least good reviews, but a bad review should not necessarily be the end-all for that designer. If there is a negative review, see what the issue may have been and put your- self in that situation. Now, if there are multiple bad reviews and they all have the same complaint, I’d say move on to the next designer.) A couple of the best places to check reviews are Google Reviews and Facebook. Any reputable company should have reviews on those platforms. Closing Note:  Keep in mind that although most designer websites have reviews hosted, they are selected by the designer. So, only good reviews will normally be displayed on their site.


When it comes to your business and brand, you want to make sure without exception that your designer has a proven process in place for developing and delivering on their promise to create your unique website. Always make sure to have specific date timelines and the date of completion from your designer.


I know, I know…  this sounds like a “duh” moment. You would think that this would be a given, but you’d be surprised at how often we are approached by clients with no contract who are not sure what they paid for or when their site will be complete and (this happened once) they’re not even sure of the name of the company. Does this really happen???? Yes, it does. I KNOW!!!!!


Ok, Guys and Gals this is a big one. Most designers have a creative style. Most design agencies have multiple styles based on the number of designers they have working for them. Always look for a website design that suits your authentic business needs and seek out that type of designer. 

While it is true that a good designer can design to any element, we have found our most satisfied customers are those that seek the type of creative styles and designs that we are known to produce.


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