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Why is a logo important to your business?

A logo sets your business apart. It is what helps customers instantly recognize your company and differentiate it from the competition. Nike, Apple, McDonald’s; are all examples of companies that have exceptional branding that is instantly recognizable. No matter what country in the world you go to when you see the Apple icon or the Nike swoosh, you already know precisely what the product is, without a single word next to it. That’s what a logo designed by Positive Media Marketing can do for you. Branding and company awareness is critical to your overall success.

No matter how good your products or services are, if a customer is unable to remember you, it won’t matter. That is precisely why you need a logo that is well-thought-out and designed. The last thing you want is something that is thrown together last minute, is poorly designed, or instantly forgettable.

Think about it. How many products and advertisements do you come in contact with on a daily basis? If you were actually to stop and count, you would hit the hundreds. Advertisements on your computer. Pop-up ads before music tracks on your favorite streaming service. Advertisements on buses, billboards, flyers you receive in the mail, and so on. Yet how many of these businesses and products do you actually remember? A tiny percentage. Don’t let your business get swallowed up with the masses by taking advantage of logo design services.

Looks Good Everywhere

Your logo represents your brand. It will be used with everything your company makes. It will appear on your social media accounts, your website, and on anything you make. If you’re a restaurant, it will appear on napkins and menus. It will appear on t-shirts and employee clothing. Because of this, your logo needs to look good everywhere.

Making sure your logo looks good everywhere is far more complicated than it may seem. The logo might look good on the side of a building, but will it look good on a napkin next to food? The untrained eye might miss certain design elements; an experienced logo designer will spot right away. Once the problem is pointed out, you’ll wonder why you didn’t see it, and yet it might be too late. You’ve already spent thousands of dollars on company branding, and now you either have to order everything a second time or accept the error in the logo. You can avoid all of these headaches with the help of professional logo design services.

Create a Strong Impression

Your logo needs to leave an immediate impact and be easily remembered. In short, it needs to create a strong impression. There are far too many logos out there that simply rely on boring fonts or initials. Sure, those are easy to tie together, but it’s a logo that has been done and redone a million times over. There won’t be anything that sets it apart from the competition.

Additionally, when you’re using basic letters and a widely used font, it becomes more difficult to copyright your logo. Failure to copyright your logo makes it easy for someone else to use it, and the problem with this is any issues with that company might rub off on yours, simply because potential customers won’t be able to differentiate the difference. You’re in charge of your own business and the reputation it has. You shouldn’t be penalized for what another business does. And yet you absolutely will be if your logo is too similar to other companies.

By creating an easily identifiable logo that leaves a strong impression, you’ll always stand on your own two feet.


Some of the best, most attention-grabbing logos are the simplest. These logos have clean lines and are not always overly complicated. Stop and think right now of all the logos you can imagine. Chances are, almost all of them are very simple. There’s the BMW logo (which is nothing more than white and blue checkers in a circle designed to look like the blue sky and an airplane propellor). There’s the Chevrolet bow tie. Or how about the Target logo, the Pepsi sphere logo. Even the NBC Peacock. All of these logos are extremely simple and straight to the point.

Why are simple logos so easy to remember and distinguishable at the same time? Because when you’re reading a magazine, or when a bus zooms by, or you pass a billboard, you only have a split second to see the advertisement. You don’t have the time to analyze the logo. If your eye is not able to pick up the advertisement in this short window of time, you won’t remember it. However, if you can see and take in the entire logo, you will be able to remember it. That is what an attention-grabbing logo can do for you. When a customer sees the logo, they will remember it, and that’s all that matters.

Your Brand Logo Represents Excellence

This goes hand in hand with the quality of the product you provide. Everything your company does is represented in your brand logo. If you offer exceptional services or products, your clients will remember this. And when they see your logo, it will instantly remind them of this quality. When you buy an Apple product, why do you think they package Apple bumper stickers with the purchase? It’s not so you can inform the world that you own an Apple product. It is so that when someone else sees that Apple sticker in your car window, they will be reminded of the quality product. Your logo represents everything your business does. It is the beacon for which everyone looks to and remembers. So you need to make that logo right.

With access to professional graphic designers, you can take advantage of the logo design services offered to you. With a professionally designed logo, you will instantly stand out from the pack and establish your business as a leader, no matter what the industry is.


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