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What can we offer the business owners of Rock Hill?

Great question. Here at Positive Media Marketing, we take pride in the fact that we are a full-service Digital Marketing Firm. We offer a trifecta of digital marketing services that will increase your online visibility and sales as well as strengthen your brand.

We handle everything from concept to launch without the need of bringing in a specialist such as videographers, designers, developers, photographers, etc… and the reason for that is we are the specialist. With over 30+years of combined experience, Positive Media Marketing is your #1 choice for A Marketing Agency in Rock Hill SC.

On this web page, we have compiled our services that are offered for the Rock Hill, SC area. Web Design, SEO, PPC, Video Production, Photography, and Branding are areas we really feel make a significant impact on local business growth.

Website Design in Rock Hill SC

Web Design For Local Businesses

Web Design for local business needs 3 main components.

  1. A reliable code structure that will keep your site running optimally for years to come.
  2. An intuitive user interface that will keep your customers engaged and focused on the content.
  3. A visual appealing medley of elements and color to enhance the overall user experience.

While this list is small, the perfect balance of the three to create a website that converts is an area we excel in. Most of our customers seeing an increase in conversions upwards around 40% within the first 3 months of launch. 


Rock Hill Business Owner, give us a call today and let’s discuss what’s possible with a web design that’s done right!


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SEO For Local Businesses

OK, so you’ve heard about SEO, but not quite sure what exactly it is or why you need it. Here are a few signs you may need SEO in Rock Hill for your local business.

  • When you search your name on google you do not show up.
  • When you search your services that you offer your competitors show up instead of you.
  • You have a great product/services and you would like more business.
  • You’ve once before noticed sales from your website but not anymore.

If any of those scenarios above sound familiar you might be a perfect candidate for our SEO services.



What is SEO?

Now that we’ve determined that you may or may not need SEO, let’s talk about exactly what is SEO.

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, which is a series of best practices to enhance and help your website rank better for a set of specific keywords that pertain to your business which ultimately leads to higher brand visibility, increased traffic and more sales.

With our proven SEO strategy we have helped many small business owners create a stable inflow of new customers while increasing their brand in the local market.

If you feel you’d like to partner with Positive Media Marketing to be your Local Digital Marketing Agency in 2020, give us a call.

PSST, any chance I have to grab a cup of coffee at Amélie’s bakery in Oldtown Rock Hill I consider it a win. I’d be happy to discuss your 2020 business goals while enjoying some coffee!

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Video Production For Local Businesses

Video Production is another component of our saturated approach to local marketing. The old saying is ” A picture is worth a thousand words.” if that’s the case A video is worth a million words.

Adding Video to your marketing plan has several benefits:

  • Video increases click-through rate up to 70%!
  • Video has been tested to close a sale at a 30% increase!
  • Video is content that’s easier to rank
  • Video has the ability to unite different brand aspects.


If you have an additional question concerning our video packages, please give us a call today.


Photography For Local Businesses

To round out the multi-angle approach that we take when increasing your business’s brand online is Photography.

So often we see local businesses resorting to stock imagery or worse cellphone images to populate their online profiles. Let’s be honest, A low-quality image speaks volumes to your potential clients. Great imagery is the number 1 thing you can do today to change how you and your brand are perceived online.

Here are a few ways professional photography can help you grow.

  • Immediate increase in brand quality perception
  • Social Media Optimized images to increase online reach
  • High-quality profile images and corporate headshots instill brand confidence with potential clients.




Our standing promise to you concerning your Digital Marketing efforts.

Our goal as a marketing agency is simple… we want to help you The Local Business Owner succeed. We do that with a myriad of services and best practices that have been time proven to increase your visibility and provide you with a scalable solution to gain new customers and service your existing customers.

We are first a neighbor and after that, we are your Digital Marketing Agency in Rock Hill and surrounding areas. We look forward to seeing you at the top of the search results.

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