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Website Design for Local Businesses in Rock Hill.

Searching for website design company near me in Rock Hill, SC, and you found Positive Media Marketing; Great! We are a Local Web Design Company that serves Rock Hill to Charlotte NC  with custom website designs. We are a full-service design and development company for all of your internet-based needs. If you’re a local business owner and you’re looking for a one-stop digital marketing company that can serve as your Marketing and Development partner then look no further! We have a combined experience of 10+ years in website development. 

Website Design

We focus on the design of a website because it is so critical to the success of your online brand. We would rank it as the #1 factor for online success. We find, from previously built projects, that 75% of websites increase in online visibility and 15% in sales just with a website redesign. 

Website Development

Website development will be the backbone of your business. Without it, you do not have a website or a way to reach your clients online. Positive Media Marketing will not only make your website look good. They will make sure that it functions, stays secure from hackers and malware, and keeps the visitors’ attention long enough to become invested in your company. We ourselves know how important to have the basic backbone of your website strong enough to stay working and grow your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Simple put when someone searches for your service in your city, are you showing up at the top of the search results in Google, Bing, and Yahoo? Do you show up in the Map Packs? Are you ranking high in yelp? Do you have a local presence across all social platforms? Psst. That’s how you found this page. Maybe you searched Rock Hill Website Design or Web Design Near Me or Website Design Near Me and we showed up at the top of the search result. We did that through optimizing this page, just as mentioned.

Logo Design

One of the first things that everyone will notice when they look at your company is your logo. According to the dictionary, a logo is a graphical representation or symbol of an organization’s name, brand or trademark. Think of your logo as your digital business card. Our team wants you to make your first impression a positive one.

Our bag of tricks will match up to the style of logo that you need. You can either go with something elaborate or something really simple but memorable. We will sit down and take the time to listen to everything that you need. Like we said before, your logo is your digital business card. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Let us help you make it a positive one.


Not many people know how important copywriting is to the business world. Some people don’t even know what it is. You do not worry because we are here to cover that corner as well. The goal for us is to make your content is well-written to the point where your potential clients can easily connect to it. The business world is tough and competitive. You need the means to stand out and grab the attention of your clients and keep them coming back to use your service or product. Our copywriters will go over and above to show off their skill in your brochure, logos, blogs, websites, and everything you will need to help your company shine and live up to its potential.

Content Marketing

 Content marketing is building content to answer questions that are asked by your clients or potential clients. You have to remember that visitors to your website ( unless you’re in the entertainment industry) are there to solve a problem. Typically there searching for an answer. The basic principle of content marketing is, if you can answer the question the best, your site will be number 1.


Marketing is important to the growth of a business. In order to achieve this, a business will have to put out an ad for their service or product. Many people are not fans of ads, but they are needed to help a company sell its product or service to the public. You will need a catchy and clever ad to help accomplish this goal. We have you covered. Our team will put their creative marketing skills to work and help your business expand to more potential clients.


Blogging has become a tool in the modern business world. This is one way to interact with your clients old and new. Anyone can make a blog on platforms like WordPress and Blogger and start posting away. Because of this, a blog has to look captivating with its appearance and content. Just let our company make your blog look professional and unforgettable. After all, we use blogging to help our business reach out to our clients.


Just like everything else in the digital marketing world, branding is another important element. It has to be done right. Just like your logo, your brand has to make a lasting impression on your potential clients. We at Colorado Spring Web Design will make that happen. A good image is more likely to keep a company strong and running for years to come. How can we help you with that? For starters, we will make your website go up and beyond with its stellar design that delivers coherent and valuable information about your product or service. Add memorable videos and photos and an impressive logo, you will have the whole package to keep your company running successfully into the future.

Videography and Photgraphy

It’s been statistically proved that pictures and videos will attract more attention on the internet. We are all too aware of the power of media. This is why YouTube has become a staple in modern life. Videos and photos can make or break a company.  We prefer them to make your company. Our team will work endlessly to make your social media burst with interesting videos and stunning photos.

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Our 6 Phase Web Design Process for Local Businesses

Initial Call to discuss business Goals:

We’d love to hear about your business goals and see if our company would be a good fit for your digital marketing needs. This call, we would discuss business goals and set a face to face meeting

Brand and Website Content Gathering Phase:

During the Market Research phase, we will drill deeper into your brand and specific objectives outlined in the business goal session. We will develop a scalable digital marketing plan for your business that will help grow your business and produce results based on your business goals.

Face To Face Meeting:

(typically 1 hour) During our face to face meeting, we present a project plan for your business to achieve the business goals set in the previous onboarding phone call. We discuss payment options at this time and we will be prepared to enter a service agreement.

Content Creation Phase:

Let’s get to work! Our team will work with you and develop your product photography and or video production. We will create customized engaging media to help your website stand out. Our team of developers and SEOs will begin building all of the elements needed to optimize your online brand and website for maximum visibility and growth.

Test and Proof Phase:

Our testing phase of your site is done by a team of website testers. We send out your site to 100 trained testers to navigate, scroll, click, form fills, download, surf, and interact in every way possible to ensure all elements and functions are at an optimal level of functionality. During this time you will also have the ability to interact with the site as well as make changes.


(Typically 4-8 weeks from the initial meeting) At this phase, we begin implementing your marketing plan to get your website noticed.

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Key website components

Mobile Responsive

A mobile responsive website takes your website contents and formats them to display on a smaller screen device such as a phone or tablet. Mobile responsiveness is important for a few reasons. 

  1. 70% percent of all searches initiates from a mobile browser.
  2. Google indexes your desktop version based on the mobile browser.

SEO optimized Code BAse

A fast website is a happy website. An optimized code structure for your website gives you not only great user experience but also it helps you rank your web site higher in google based on load speed.

Custome Website Build

Rock Hill Business Owner,You deserve more than a template form website. We have found that a custom website drives 60% more traffic to your business over a template builder site. (Wix, SquareSpace, etc)

Website Security

Every website we build is launched with an industry Gold standard in site security to keep your website safe. You would not leave your door unlocked to your brick and mortar storefront, so don’t take that chance with your website.

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